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Below are a variety of resources that will be added to as I have time.

These lip slurs are designed, along with scale practice, to form the bulk of a daily warm-up routine for pre-college (middle or high school) students.

If you feel confident, comfortable, and are sounding great with the basic level lip slurs, give these exercises a try for a more challenging high school level routine.

North Carolina has a specific rhythmic pattern requirement for their All-State scales. When I taught a lot of middle and high school students in North Carolina, I noticed that students needed an aural guide for the placement of the sixteenths in the scales against the triplets in the arpeggios. So I created these files, hosted on my old website.

When you're looking to purchase a different instrument, especially upgrading from your very first trombone, the selection and amount of sales information is daunting. With that in mind, I've created a brief summary of the information you'll need to know to shop confidently.

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