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Pitched Metronome™ Music


Pitched Metronome™ Music is building ClickPitch a revolutionary practice tool.


Designed to work with audition test pieces, ClickPitch was created to aid serious musicians in audition preparation. A step beyond traditional drones and static metronomes. This App plays an excerpt with 100% accurate rhythm and pitch (equal temperment).


But ClickPitch is more than just another play-along. Imagine a drone integrated with a metronome where both adapt and change as the music's melody and rhythms change. Couple these features with a tool that allows you to test how well you maintain your own pitch and rhythm by dropping in and out as the excerpt is performed. Intuitive selection tools allow you to choose how much of the excerpt you will hear, providing a musician with a clear and simple way to test how well they maintain their time and pitch.


The iOS version of ClickPitch is live in the App Store. The current library is primarily for trombonists, but excerpts for additional orchestral instruments are in the pipeline.

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